What happens when I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription to the Wuaki Selection service, all you have to do is log in to your Wuaki.tv account and click on the “Settings” button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. From there, click on the “Wuaki Selection” tab and you will see the option to cancel your subscription. Click on the “Unsubscribe to Wuaki Selection” button. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.

Wuaki Selection is a monthly subscription, so you will continue to have access until the end of the final payment period.

We remind you that the Wuaki Selection fees are monthly and you will be billed starting on the day you subscribe to the plan (for example, if you purchase Wuaki Selection on July 12th, the next payment will be on August 12th). If you do not wish to pay the next monthly fee, we recommend that you cancel your subscription before the billing date (following the example, you have until the 11th day of the month to unsubscribe and not pay for the following monthly fee).


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